so who are you guys anyway?

Team Focus & Values

The Tohoku Team is a relatively new team in Pioneers Japan. As with all Pioneers teams, our focus is church planting and multiplication. In our case, we are particularly passionate about using cell-based models to plant churches that emphasize the role and contribution of each Christian and are well incorporated into their surrounding culture and community.

Team Traincar

We have developed something we call our team “traincar”, which is a set of guidelines that help us get where we want to go.

Mission – We strive to use…

  • lightweight, flexible methods
    to facilitate the planting of
  • organic, reproducing churches
    in the Tohoku Region

Principles – Our ministry is based on…

  • Spirit-guided life
  • unity in the Gospel

Characteristics – People will see that we are…

  • continually growing & maturing
  • caring for others & ourselves

Habits – In our daily lives, we will…

  • be connected with Jesus
  • connect with those around us

As you consider where God might be leading you to serve cross-culturally, we would love to talk with you in more detail about our team focus and values. To learn more about Pioneers or Pioneers Japan, please click on one of the links below:


Pioneers Japan

Team Members

weinhoferColby & Theresa Weinhofer (Team Coordinators)

Colby and Theresa Weinhofer spent their first term in the southern part of the main island in Yamaguchi Prefecture. They have long had an interest in cell church planting and when the earthquake and tsunami occurred in Iwate they believed it was an opportune time and place to begin. They are from the Lancaster area of Pennsylvania and met in Bible college there. Colby wanted to live and work overseas from a young age and Theresa’s interest in Japan was sparked in high school through the friendship of some Japanese exchange students. God brought them to Japan in February of 2009 to Ube, where they spent the next 3 years doing language study and acclimating to the culture. They moved up to Iwate in July of 2012 and have been living in Kamaishi ever since.

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