You are God’s Handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which have already been prepared for you (Ephesians 2:10).  God’s plan is for you to flourish. He has created you and has lovingly prepared, in advance, the good works He has for you. Who would want to miss out on that? Who wouldn’t want to intentionally seek to discover them, prepare for them, and give themselves to completing them for the glory of God?  This is, after all, what we were created for.

In large part, this is why JAPAN Launch was designed. You believe God is leading you to Japan to serve. Yet this is just the beginning in a new season, as you desire to follow Jesus in a cross-cultural setting.  Do you know what God has in store for you? Do you know how God has already been working in Japan and the teams already serving there? Do you know how to evangelize and disciple in the complex culture of Japan? Do you know how to serve humbly on a new team? Do you know what the daily life looks like in Japan? Do you have the language skills and cultural understanding to complete the task before you?

We’re all different, designed that way. We’re all coming from different places, different backgrounds, different experiences, skill sets, and gifts. Each one of us has a contribution to make to God’s work, our ‘good works’, in Japan.  The goal of JAPAN Launch is to equip and support you to do just that.

Undoubtedly this new life will bring challenges, conflicts, and struggles as we seek to follow God in a new context.  Our goal is to intentionally walk with you through these first 2 years, strengthening and equipping you.  We want to bless you in order that you will bless Japan and her people, bless existing teams, and flourish in long-term work. We believe JAPAN Launch can benefit anyone, experienced or not, who is coming to serve in Japan.

Every new missionary will eventually join a team.  JAPAN Launch is designed not to slow down the process by inserting an intermediate step before you reach your team destination, but rather it is INTENTIONALLY designed to accelerate and deepen your growth in critical areas for ministry on the field.

Our goal is to journey with you as you flourish in your walk with God and in your new culture that you will be calling home. JAPAN Launch is designed to support you.


What is it?

JAPAN Launch is a two-year process designed to

  • Support new missionaries as they systematically study
    • Japanese language (which is one of the hardest languages to learn) and
    • Japanese culture (which is complex and multi-layered).
  • Provide skills and knowledge to evangelize and disciple in the Japanese context.
  • Journey with new missionaries as they enter a country of intense spiritual warfare and learn to battle spiritually.
  • Practice the skills necessary to flourish on a Pioneers (PI) team.
  • Encourage character and spiritual formation as God prepares them to serve in a new context.

Where is it?

Fukuoka, Japan

When does it start?

A new intake of missionaries will be accepted into JAPAN Launch every year, arriving during October/November.  There is a limit on the number of workers that can be accepted (4-8 units).

What are the prerequisites?

All potential candidates are required to:

  • Receive missionary appointment from Pioneers
  • Complete a Vision Trip to Japan
  • Receive a Letter of Invitation to JAPAN Launch
  • Complete required 30 hours of Bible training before departure
  • Completion of SLA (second language acquisition) Preparation Course (on-line)
  • Raise funds for the two-year Launch program
    • Housing Expenses
    • Language School
    • Cultural Activities
    • JAPAN Launch materials

What should JAPAN Launch participants expect?

JAPAN Launch has been intentionally organized to prepare new missionaries for ministry in Japan.  Because our goal is evangelism and discipleship in the heart language, we expect all new missionaries to study language (taking into account the differing needs of families and individuals).

The program is not intended to be a ‘soft landing’ into the region and work. Rather, with the help and guidance of the mentors, it is expected participants will be stretched spiritually and experientially in the hope that they have a solid, mature foundation upon which to build a flourishing long-term ministry.

Immediately upon arrival, participants will have help setting up their living environments, completing required governmental documents, and exploring their new community.  Afterwards, the real work begins!

What are the key parts of JAPAN Launch?

JAPAN Launch has FIVE key strands:

Strand 1:         Language

Effective ministry in Japan emerges with increasing acquisition of the language.  It is imperative that participants prepare for language learning and then pursue language according to personal learning styles and strategies.  JAPAN Launch has a trained language coach to support and encourage language acquisition.

Strand 2:         Culture

Effective ministry in Japan is highly dependent upon cultural acquisition.  Thus, participants will participate in a variety of cultural classes and experiences.

Strand 3:         Character and Spiritual Formation

God often uses a cross-cultural move to deepen our trust of Him, to realize the depth of our sin natures, and to make us useable for Him in a new way. We will journey together spiritually as God works in the deeper places of our hearts to create a life of integrity, purity, passion for God, endurance, and brokenness.

Strand 4:         Team Life

We will serve together on a team.  Our goal is that team be a place of support, fellowship, and encouragement.  We will explore team dynamics and strategies to enhance our team unification.

Strand 5:         Ministry Skills in the Context of Japan

We will explore and practice various ways to evangelize and disciple in the context of Japanese culture and language.  Participants will give their testimonies in Japanese.  They will learn principles of living an evangelistic lifestyle and strategies to disciple Japanese believers.

What are the next steps?

Japan area leaders oversee the applicant process and the launch program.  Any interested PI appointed missionaries should make contact with them first: