Hiroshima Team

Hiroshima City is the capital of Hiroshima prefecture (like a small state), the population of which is just under 3 million, with about 1.2 million living in Hiroshima City. Hiroshima is most well known for being the first city that was bombed with nuclear weapons during World War II. Well over 200,000 people died as a result of the bombing and after affects. The city is now known around the world as a “City of Peace”.

About the Hiroshima Team

Who We Are

John and Kyoko Clendinnen (JJ, Micah and Andrew)

John grew up in NY as an unhappy pagan until Jesus completely changed his life at the age of 19. After graduating from Penn State, he served for 5 years as a Naval Officer. In 1991, he became a Cru High School missionary, serving 12 years in San Diego, Philly and Orlando, before moving permanently to Japan in 2004. John has been leading the Pioneers Hiroshima Team since January 2015.

Kyoko grew up on the west side of Hiroshima with childhood exposure to Christianity. After graduating from Seishin Junior College with a major in British English Literature, she became the first in her family to believe in Jesus at the age of 24. While working in translation and kitchen design, and serving faithfully within her church, the Lord called her to missions. She and John were married in Hiroshima in 2003 and have served together in full-time ministry ever since. Kyoko’s a happy mother of 3 active boys, JJ, Micah and Andrew, whom she homeschools in both English and Japanese.

Patrick and Jessica Boyle (Lilly and Hudson)

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What We’re About

Our 2045 Vision

We long for the people of Hiroshima to be completely transformed by the Gospel and Prince of Peace, and for true and everlasting “peace with God through Jesus Christ” to be their defining characteristic!

We imagine Japanese worshippers of the “Lord who is Peace” shining like peace lanterns on August 6th—in every home, neighborhood, campus and workplace—from Hiroshima to the ends of the earth!

We pray for a day when Hiroshima churches are filled with wholly devoted followers of JESUS—when disciplemaking movements are everywhere, alongside the whole Church to the whole world!

LOVE Hiroshima 2025

Establish ABC as a fruitful PRAY! LOVE! SEND! “cell” church-planting model which transforms Hiroshima, blesses Japan, and touches the nations!

Our Mission/Purpose

Teams serving alongside Japanese churches, proclaiming the Gospel of peace and multiplying disciples everywhere.

Our Values/Convictions

Building upon the core values of Pioneers International, our team also places great emphasis on the following convictions.

  • Pray!    We love the Father through worship and dependent prayer for everything.
  • Love!   We love like Jesus as a “koinonia” community on compassionate mission.
  • Send!   We transform the world by equipping and multiplying disciples everywhere.

Ministries in Hiroshima

Koyo Chapel

Makio Haitaka is the pastor of Koyo Chapel. Moving his family from Tokyo in 1986, he came to Hiroshima to plant a church, which now has about 80 in attendance. Since 2001, he has also planted Kabe and Asaminami Chapels. Pastor Haitaka is a humble visionary with a heart to build up the Church in Hiroshima as a center for regional, national and global missions. Visit Koyo Chapel’s website.

Kabe Chapel

Kenji Kitano is the pastor of Kabe Green Hill Chapel. He and his wife, along with four children, serve in a vibrant church of approximately 50 people. Pastor Kitano is bilingual and plays an important role in leading our E-Free partnership. Visit Kabe Chapel’s website.

Asaminami Chapel

Yoshiteru Yamada is the pastor of Asaminami Chapel. He served as a pastor in Nagoya before moving to Hiroshima in 2011. He is married with one daughter. Pastor Yamada works closely with our team in the Asaminami Bilingual Chapel (ABC) church plant. Visit Asaminami Chapel’s website.

ABC Church Plant

God gave a vision to our Japanese pastor partners to plant a bilingual church that would attract many Japanese people. So, together in November 2013, our team and partner pastors planted a new church called ABC. We currently meet one Sunday afternoon a month, including café time, contemporary worship, practical teaching and biblical application. For more info, visit the main website here.

English Classes

In April 2009, we started teaching English classes as a way to build deeper relationships, make new contacts, and reach out to the communities surrounding our churches.

Smile Club

Smile Club takes place at Asaminami Chapel, and is an outreach to moms, along with their babies and toddlers. We start with free-play, then go on to mommy-and-me musical activities, followed by a snack and short talk with discussion time by Pastor Yamada.


Interested in joining us in sharing the Prince of Peace with the City of Peace? We’re aggressively seeking to expand our team and enthusiastically accepting applications for long-term workers from around the world. Come check us out on a survey trip or explore possibilities for coming as a Venture worker or on an EDGE teams. You can find more details at the link below.

Serving with Pioneers Japan