Hiroshima 広島

Hiroshima City is the capital of Hiroshima prefecture (like a small state), the population of which is just under 3 million, with about 1.2 million living in Hiroshima City. Hiroshima is most well known for being the first city that was bombed with nuclear weapons during World War II. Well over 200,000 people died as a result of the bombing and after affects. The city is now known around the world as a “City of Peace”.

Hiroshima City is also the World Headquarters for Mazda Corporation, and there are many automotive suppliers throughout the city. The Hiroshima Carp baseball and SanFrecce professional soccer teams are both very popular. Public transportation, including a trolley car and monorail line, are readily available and quite easy to use. Housing also is relatively inexpensive and easy to find both inside the city and in the suburbs.

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