Our Work

Our team is involved in a variety of ministries ranging from events such as manning kids ice cream parties, teaching English classes, giving messages on Sundays, cooking meals for church, designing brochures and websites, and integrating our EDGE teams into university outreach efforts, all as a part of our church partnering, church planting efforts. If you are interested in being a part of what God is doing here in Fukuoka, whether it be supportive homefront roles such as prayer or financial support or if you would like to come out on a survey trip and see what you can do right here in Fukuoka, there’s more info under our Opportunities tab up above.

Fukuoka Bible Church

If you’re looking for a church while in Fukuoka, we highly recommend attending Fukuoka Bible Church. Fukuoka Bible Church (福岡聖書教会) is a Protestant church plant work initiated by the cooperation of the Japan Evangelical Church Association, also known as JECA (日本福音キリスト教会連合開拓教会), and sister church North Miyazaki Bible Christian Church (宮崎北聖書キリスト教会). Started in April 2010, FBC is still as small church with a warm, at home atmosphere. Though the service is held in Japanese, a variety of foreigners from many different countries attend its services. Though its contemporary worship style and the lunch & fellowship time after service are a few of many highlights, what we appreciate most is Pastor Inoue’s desire to stay close to God’s Word and accurately teach what the Bible says. Here are a few links for more info on Fukuoka Bible Church, JECA, or NMBC.


After working as a pastor in the Kansai area of Japan for over 30 years, pastor Inoue and his wife Emi arrived in Fukuoka in June 2009 to launch Fukuoka Bible Church. Stephanie has been partnering with Fukuoka Bible Church as a cooperating missionary since 2010, taking up many roles ranging from teaching sunday school and giving the kid’s time messages, to leading the English chat nights and cooking lunch for the church. Brian and Nozomi are also partnered with Fukuoka Bible Church as cooperating missionaries starting January 2014. Leading Sunday worship, student outreach, kid’s time messages, sermons, and designing this website as well as flyers and other print material are a few things they are privileged to help with.


Our team is also active in supporting KGK (キリスト学生会) which is similar to InterVarsity. It was begun by Japanese Christian students in 1947, and is active on about 200 college campuses, ministering through Bible studies, prayer meetings, and summer camps. Nozomi’s faith was strengthened by her time with KGK as a college student, and has continued to stay in touch with many of the Christian friends she made there. She now teaches seminars and attends planning meetings for KGK. Brian and Stephanie continue to served as counselors for the spring and summer camps, attended Bible studies on campus, and continues to partner with the KGK Kyushu leader Matsuo Ken in reaching university students for Christ.

私たちの宣教の内容は多岐にわたっており、全ての活動は教会と協力しながら、教会開拓のために行われています。例えば子どものアイスクリームパーティを行ったり、英会話のクラスを持ったり、日曜日に説教をしたり、教会の昼食を作ったり、チラシやホームページを作成したり、エッジチームEDGE teamsが大学で活動できるように調整するなど様々です。もし神様が福岡でなさる働きに興味があれば、祈りや献金、現地視察などの方法で私たちを支援homefront rolesすることができます。下記により詳しい情報を載せていますのでご覧ください。


福岡で教会を探されるならば、福岡聖書教会をオススメします。福岡聖書教会はJECA(日本福音キリスト教会連合開拓教会)と宮崎北聖書キリスト教会の協力のもと始められたプロテスタント教会です。2010年4月から礼拝が持たれ、まだ小さな教会ですが暖かく、アットホームな雰囲気のある教会です。日本語で礼拝が持たれていますが、いろんな国の方が礼拝に出席されています。形式ばらない賛美やあたたかい雰囲気の愛餐会もこの教会の特徴として挙げられると思いますが、一番感謝なのは、井之上牧師が聖書に忠実に牧会をなさっているということです。福岡聖書教会(Fukuoka Bible Church)、JECA、宮崎きた聖書キリスト教会( NMBC)の情報がもっと欲しい方はこちらからどうぞ。


キリスト者学生会 (KGK)