Short Term


Uncertain about serving long-term in Japan, but want to take a step of faith? Come serve with us for a summer of discovery and ministry through our Edge program. The Edge is a 6 to 10 week intense summer mission program where you work alongside missionaries and pastors in the field, right here in Fukuoka. You won’t just come away with a ton of new friends and great summer memories. You’ll also return home with a wider world view of God’s work in the world, countless experiences and stories of how God is working in Fukuoka, and maybe even a deeper sense of calling to serve the Japanese people. To learn more about Edge opportunities or sign up for this summer, visit the Pioneers Edge webpage.


You can also come to Fukuoka for one month to a year for on-site mentorship in Bible and missions while studying language and culture through our Venture program. Though both the Edge program and Venture program provide stepping stones for long term missions, Venture is unique in that it provides more freedom to pursue specific projects. Some examples include media work, teaching English, partnering with a church, or even finishing up your theological training.  

If you’re interested in any of these opportunities Contact Us here or find your country below; click and connect with your mobilization base to find out more:

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夏の短期宣教 エッジプログラム




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