Our Mission & Values

The Fukuoka Team exists to multiply healthy churches throughout Kyushu by nurturing disciples and new church planting teams.

Our main objective is partnering with the Japanese in planting churches that can plant more churches. We believe that this begins with quality discipleship and ends with vibrant, gospel-transformed communities that gather regularly as churches. Our goal is to leave behind healthy churches that have qualified pastoral leadership, a biblical structure that includes a board of elders and deacons/deaconesses, a culture that affirms each believer’s spiritual gifts in church ministry and the local community, a local church planting effort of its own, and an active role in supporting and sending out Japanese missionaries who serve cross-culturally.

Our secondary objective is launching new teams that start new teams. Our goal is to send out 7 new teams, one for each of the remaining 7 Kyushu prefectures. These teams will be the first to enter a prefecture before additional teams arrive, and with the help of the Fukuoka Team and Japan Area Team, its goal will be to search for strategic cities within that prefecture, find new church planting partner possibilities, and recruit new teams once it has settled. With the Japan Area Team focused on mobilization and training, our focus will be on finding and developing partnerships as well as researching and promoting new potential areas.

Core Values

In addition to Pioneers’ Core Values, below are a few values that define our team’s personality.

  • Try that octopus and smile: We believe in contextualization. We look for people who have a desire to embrace the Japanese language and culture, even if trying octopus might be scary at first.
  • Hermit crabs and sea anemones: We believe in partnerships. We see opportunities skyrocket when like-minded pastors and missions organizations work together. Like the symbiotic relationship of hermit crabs and sea anemones, we seek partnerships that are mutually beneficial.
  • Mom’s homemade yogurt: We believe in multiplication methods. We desire to make disciples that make more disciples, plant churches that plant more churches, and send teams that send out more teams. Like how mom makes yogurt, we stay delicious when we are scooped out, shared, and used to make the next batch of yogurt.





パイオニアーズの主要方針(Pioneers’ Core Values)に加え、私たちのチームの3つの柱は以下の通りになります。

  • Try that octopus and smile(そのタコ食べて笑ってみて): 私たちはその土地の文化や言語を踏まえて宣教を行う必要があると信じています。私たちは日本語や文化を追求したいと思う人を求めています。たとえ初めて食べるタコが恐ろしいものであったとしても。
  • Hermit crabs and sea anemones(ヤドカリとイソギンチャク):私たちは協力者の必要性を信じています。同じ志を持った牧師や宣教団体が共に協力すると、様々な可能性が広がることを私たちは知っています。ヤドカリとイソギンチャクの共生関係のように、お互いに益となる協力者を求めています。
  • Mom’s homemade yogurt(お母さんの手作りヨーグルト):私たちはクリスチャンや教会が増え広がることを願っています。私たちが弟子訓練したものが弟子訓練を行い、開拓した教会が新たに教会を開拓をしていき、送り出したチームが新たにチームを送り出すことを願っています。お母さんの作る自家製ヨーグルトのように、美味しいヨーグルトを、次のヨーグルトを作るためにすくい出して分けていく必要があります。