Long Term


We believe that using the first two years on the field for preparation and training is the wisest way to begin running the marathon we call long term missions. In order to properly train our new incoming missionaries, we started the development of the Launch Program, which is now tenderly cared for by the Japan Area Team. They have developed a rich, 2-year program that includes full-time language study, activities that will engage you with the culture, spiritual development, and fellowship as you walk alongside cohort members and are mentored by more experienced missionaries. Within those two years, you will get chances to visit churches, meet Japanese pastors, visit other Pioneers Japan teams and hopefully get greater clarity as to how you will fit in ministry and life here.

After graduating from the Launch program, if you feel called to church planting in Kyushu you might want to join us! (see our mission and strategies for more details).



Our team believes that survey trips are an extremely helpful pre-field step for both us and you. It will not only give you a chance to get a good taste of Japanese culture, get to know the team, and experience a little bit of what life is like as a missionary in Fukuoka, but you and our team also greatly benefit from getting to know each other in the context of life in Japan. Join us in prayer as we follow God step by step with you, yes, maybe even all the way to Fukuoka.  Fill out our Preliminary Information Form on the main Pioneers website if you want to get started right away, or contact us here for more info.

Download our special edition of a great article on how to make the most of a survey trip: Is This the Team? Pioneers Japan Special Edition

If you’re interested in any of these opportunities, contact us here or find your country below; click and connect with your mobilization base to find out more:

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サーベイトリップは、私たちにチームにとっても、皆さんにとっても、福岡に来る前の大きな助けとなると確信しています。日本の文化を味わい、福岡で宣教師としてどのような生活を送るのかを体験するだけでなく、実際の日本での生活の中で皆さんと、私たちチームがお互いのことを知り合うということは大きな益となるでしょう。どうぞ私たちと共に、神様が一歩一歩導いてくださることを祈ってください。もし今すぐ参加したいならば、こちらの詳細を見ていただき、パイオニアーズのメインのウェブサイトにある応募要項Preliminary Information Formを送ってください。

サーベイトリップに関するオススメの記事があるので、ぜひ読んで見てください。Is This the Team? Pioneers Japan Special Edition