Living in Fukuoka


How wonderful it would be for God to send you and others to saturate Fukuoka’s work force and society and to live the gospel everyday before the Japanese. Find a job in Fukuoka by checking out the classified ads in the FukuokaNOW magazine or the classified ads here and do a search for Fukuoka. Of course, the most common form of employment for English speakers is teaching English, including the government-sponsored JET Program. For an overview of English teaching opportunities, visit here. Or maybe, you are gifted in the arts or music, then you would be interested checking out the ministry of CAN and pray about how God would use you to impact the arts for God’s glory in Fukuoka and all of Kyushu.


You can apply to be exchange students at one of the following universities and prepare the way for the launching of a new team in that area of Kyushu. In Japan it said that the years spent at university is when a Japanese has the most time and freedom than any other time in their lives. The possibilities are endless as you network with existing churches and campus outreach organizations to be a vehicle for the gospel. Visit here for more information on Japan’s exchange programs. Kyushu University (download brochure), Fukuoka UniversityFukuoka Prefectural UniversityFukuoka Women’s University

Would you and your friends be an integral part to the beginnings of a new church-planting work in these Kyushu prefectures?  Check out these sites and pray about what God could do through a group of students moving into these areas. Saga UniversityKumamoto UniversityNagasaki UniversityNagasaki University of Foreign StudiesOita University

If you’re interested in any of these opportunities, contact us here or find your country below; click and connect with your mobilization base to find out more:

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福岡において宣教師だけでなくクリスチャンたちが社会の中に増え広がって言ったとしたら、なんと素晴らしいことでしょう。フリーペーパー「福岡なうFukuokaNOW magazine」やこちらhereの募集要項などをご覧になって、福岡でぜひ仕事を見つけてください。もちろん、一般的なネイティブスピーカーの雇用は政府が主催しているJET Programの英語を教えることですが、英語を教得たい人のために全体的な情報を取り扱っているサイトがこちらhereです。もし美術や音楽などの賜物が与えられているなら、CANというこちらのサイトもオススメです。福岡や九州全体においてあなたの賜物が用いられることを祈ります。