Fukuoka Team

The Fukuoka Team exists to multiply healthy churches throughout Kyushu by nurturing disciples and new church planting teams.


Planting churches that can plant more churches.

We believe that this begins with quality discipleship and ends with vibrant, gospel-transformed communities.


Launching teams that can start new teams.

Our goal is to get seven new teams planting churches—one for each of the remaining prefectures in Kyushu.

Team Members

Brian & Nozomi Tom

Brian & Nozomi Tom

I’m from foggy San Francisco. I took my first trip to Japan through Edge in 2007, came back in 2010 through Venture to Fukuoka, and joined Long Term starting in 2011. I partnered with Fukuoka Bible Church from 2013 to 2020.

Nozomi is from Miyazaki. She moved to Fukuoka to work at a Christian junior high school called Seinan. Brian and Nozomi met at Fukuoka Bible Church, got to know each other on the worship team, and got married in 2013. Shiemi was born in 2015, and Miori in 2017.

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Nick Ebner

I grew up in Austin, Texas, where we live by the mottos “Everything’s bigger in Texas!” and “Keep Austin Weird!” I studied Industrial Engineering at Texas A&M University and worked in the oil industry for a few years before feeling that God was calling me to Japan. I joined the Pioneers Japan Launch team in 2017, and after graduating at the end of 2019 I joined the Fukuoka team.

I want to tell every person I can about the good news of the Gospel, to care for those who are neglected or rejected, and to see every believer become more like Jesus every day.

Sean Cryan

Sean Cryan

I’m from a small town in Southern New Jersey where we love the simple things in life: cheesesteaks and rooting for the Eagles. Although I started in the scientific research field, God brought me to Japan for the first time in 2013, and again a year later to Yamaguchi. God was calling me out of science and into His fields of harvest here in Japan.
I enjoy connecting with people through the joys that God gives us in our daily lives, such as games, sports, and eating. I’m praying that the forgiveness, joy, and grace that only God offers become what the believers in this country are known for; and that those very same qualities become a transformative blessing for this nation.

– 2006 –

Dan and Cindy Hoisington and their three sons arrive in Sapporo to receive language and culture training at the OMF language school.

– 2008 –

Stephanie Schatz joins the Hoisingtons in Sapporo to attend language school as well.

The team decides to transition to Fukuoka after training is complete. Miriam Davis (OMF language coordinator) introduces Dan to the JECA church planting committee president.

Brian and Yoko Broaddus and their three daughters join the team in Sapporo. They officially become the “Pioneers Fukuoka Team.”

Fukuoka Bible Church

Fukuoka Bible Church is a church plant work initiated through the partnership of Japan Evangelical Church Association (JECA), sister church North Miyazaki Bible Christian Church, Pastor Inoue and his wife Emi, and our team. FBC was started in 2010 and planted in 2018.

A few things the Hoisingtons, Stephanie, and the Toms did as partnered missionaries were preaching, Sunday school teaching, cooking, leading Sunday worship, Fukuoka University outreach, kid’s outreach, English classes, Bible studies, website admin, and more.

Kirisutosha Gakusei Kai (KGK)

Our team is partnered with a campus ministry called KGK. It was begun by Japanese Christian students in 1947 and is now active in about 200 university campuses across Japan, ministering through Bible studies, prayer meetings, camps, and discipleship. 

Stephanie had attended camps and Bible studies on campus, and Nozomi continues to teach workshops. As staff, Brian continues to join Bible studies on campus, lead Alumni gatherings, teach workshops, design print material, and attend camps.

Long Term ✔︎

We believe that using the first two years on the field for  preparation and training is the wisest way to begin running the marathon we call long term missions. We encourage anyone interested in joining our team to first go through Launch, a 2-year training program, right here in Fukuoka.

Venture ✔︎

Come to Fukuoka for an on-site mentorship in Bible and missions while studying Japanese language and culture. Unlike The Edge, Venture is unique in that it provides the freedom to pursue specific projects and is not limited to the summer. In the past, Skip focused on making a team video, Collin came in the winter to survey Saga City, and Jenny focused on campus ministry.

• 2014 – Skip, Collin
• 2015 – Joe & Victoria
• 2018 – Jenny

The Edge ✔︎

Join us for 6 to 8 weeks in the summer! You’ll work right alongside us here in Fukuoka. Make new friends and great summer memories, return with a wider view of God’s work in the world, and maybe even confirm God’s calling to serve long term in Japan. Our program includes campus ministry, English teaching, kid’s outreach events, traveling to cultural sites, studying Japanese, and more.

• 2011 – Daniel, Anson, Meg, Ceilidh
• 2012 – Linet, David, Jacob
• 2013 – Jacob, Ben
• 2015 – Jeremy, Brady, Moriah, Sheng
• 2017 – Sarah
• 2018 – Juan, Hannah, Hannah
• 2019 – Sophia, Zach, Marie

Get in touch if you’re curious about any of these programs or have questions for our team. We’d love to hear from you.

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