Survey Trips (1 to 2 weeks)

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“The trip showed me how to pray and prepare.”

Physically setting foot in Japan is still the best way for you to get to know us (and for us to get to know you), the country, and its people. For this reason, our teams in Japan require a survey trip for anyone interested in coming here long-term.

Every Pioneer, whether single or married, takes a survey trip that lasts from two to three weeks. Though it seems like a large expense and time commitment, Pioneers views the trip as an integral part of training and preparation for going.

Steve McKenzie, a pre-field coach for Pioneers who are preparing for overseas service says, “A survey trip helps missionaries have realistic expectations about life in that area, and it helps them know better how to prepare for the challenges they will face.” He continues, “Mostly it is to overcome an idealized view of what it means to live overseas.”

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